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Better Understanding

We have evolved our research methodologies. Increasingly, people have become more savvy when interacting with marketers. Their journeys to purchase are changing. However, people still make “frequent” purchases that are more rote in nature often choosing from a repertoire of brands they have favourably experienced. The first step for new brands is to get on the consideration list.

Better understanding comes from getting close up, observing what people naturally do and researching how they feel. Researching feelings is important as people make emotional decisions and post rationalize. Our techniques combine innovative questioning about your customers feelings about themselves and your brand to gain deeper insight.

Better understanding comes from better tools based on listening and questioning how the research will be used, knowing the marketing plan, the media buy, the creative plan, the purpose of the research, the background, the expected use of the results, the action standards and the information needed.

Why Gadd?

Great Brands. Great People. Great Technology.

We are business and marketing educated. We have decades of experience working with research tools. We have decades of experience working with stakeholders. We have listened and evolved our thinking around models, metrics and measurement techniques. Knowing the importance of researching the emotions we have evolved our techniques for quantitative research as well as qualitative, hybrid and longitudinal.

We work on projects large and small for global companies, local companies and not for profit. While we do take good research practices from one project to another we are conscious that every brand in every market is different.The context is different. The brand associations and emotional cues are different. Our research approaches reflect your unique brand.

We are experts in tracking (mainly online) and testing brand messaging initiatives (online and in qualitative) for advertising, packaging, websites and content.

  • Gadd is known in the industry for originating InterAd, the first quali-quant advertising pre-testing technique imitated by others; and also for trailblazing with our virtual-store testing tool, Simul-Shop.
  • Gadd is the only company made in Canada to have won the ESOMAR Congress Methodological prize.
  • We use projective techniques both in qualitative and quantitative research studies.
  • Only Gadd has developed a game-changing, patent pending BrandMetrix process that identifies key performance indicators related to feelings targeted customers have for self (really or ideally) and the connections a specific brand must make with those emotions. It is customer-centric and brand-specific (but not brand-centric) Brand-specific data is collected, analyzed and metricized based on customer-centric feelings about self, when they drive purchase.
  • Our new 4M mobile capability provides in-the-moment mobile technique to help stakeholders get up close to their customers as they interact with theirbrand on phone, tablet, or computer.

GADD History

Our story began in 1989 when Mike Gadd decided to strike out on his own. He had worked in research firms in the UK and Canada, and had been Head of Research for Young & Rubicam Canada. Gadd has worked with many top national and international brands including Ford, Toyota, Colgate, Procter & Gamble, Labatt’s, Molson, Canadian Tire, BMO and not for profit. Agencies include Young & Rubicam, Leo Burnett, John Street and Ryan Edwards.

Management Team

Mike Gadd, President & CEO, CMRP

Mike likes to keep his feet firmly planted on the ground most days, but lets his mind soar when it comes to market research. He has been at the forefront of new techniques for market research: designed one of the first quali-quant advertising pre-testing techniques with InterAd, was ahead of his time with the virtual store testing tool Simul-Shop and was the first (and only) Canadian winner of the Esomar Best New Methodology prize. He’s currently excited about the methods to connect more with what consumers are thinking than ever before, and follow along with their journeys thanks to mobile technology. He also composes music.

Jennifer Gadd, Insight Manager, BBA with minor in Psychology, Wilfrid Laurier University

Jenn has spent a lot of time up high for someone afraid of heights. She’s faced her fears head on by jumping from a plane in New Zealand, hang gliding in Brazil and the CN Tower Edgewalk in Toronto. In the office, Jenn helps design and manage projects to make sure they run smoothly. She started her job designing and managing custom online panels and now gets excited by trying out new methodologies. She is particularly enthused about new and different modes of talking to people about their opinions, to truly understand their feelings (must be that minor in Psychology).


Darcy sits in on most office meetings but quite frankly he often falls asleep. He jumps in excitement when someone visits the office and soars through the air after frisbees and tennis balls.

Customer Comments

“Make sure the proposition is thoroughly researched by Gadd before taking it to market.” – CEO packaged goods company

“I have sat through many presentations given on communications research – yours was the clearest and the cleanest.” – CMO packaged goods company

“Excellent research. Great research.” – Senior Vice President of Sales

“True business partner.” – Head of Strategic Insights

“I want to use your company for all our research needs.” – Manager of Strategic Insights

“We want to rent the Gadd brain.” – Ad agency account director